Le Gant de Velours- Tattoostudio, 
Permanent Makeup, Mikropigmentierung



Das Studio ist zurzeit geschlossen ! Ich bin vorübergehend nach England umgezogen. Ich lasse euch hier wissen, wenn ich wieder in Deutschland bin. 

Ich wunsche euch alles gut !

Eure Xxena



Welcome to Le Gant de Velours

Tattoo Atelier, Permanent Make Up, medical Micropigmentation

My drawings are inspired by forms who exist in Nature, but also by mythological and spiritual symbolism of man across the Ages (Age of Stone, of Bronze, Runes, Cave etchings). From traditional iconography of american tattoo (old school) that I use and transform as I please.

I work in black and white as well as in color with the same pleasure.

From polynesian influence... indian, asiatic... geometry... lace, jewel, watercolor, neotraditional... Your body is unique, and so is your tattoo.



My tattoos are done in respect of hygiene legislation and with approved vegan inks.


Yours, Xxena

Le Gant de Velours Tattoo-Atelier

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