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"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come." (Victor Hugo)

You won't find any flash catalogue here, which means that you will have to work together with me to mold your ideas. Thus you will experience the well deserved satisfaction of having developed youself a unique tattoo that suits you perfectly at this moment of your life. You will never regret a well chosen tattoo, even if you evolve permanently; it will always be a part of your path of life, a moment in time.

To carry out your project, I need a maximum of information: results of your thoughts, topic, location, size, color or not, possibly a sketch (even if it is approximative), to determine the surface, the text, ect... It is also beneficial to send me google or other images (, for me to have a better idea of what you like or not. I will make a unique design of it in my own style. You could also send me photos of the body part you would like to have tattooed. This is useful if there are other tattoos, and to visualize a future design in relation to your anatomy.

If you give me the go-ahead, I'll give you a price range (50 euros minimum) and I'll ask for a payment of 20 Euros for the preparatory drawings (as a deposit for the final tattoo). Usually I prepare one or (a maximum of) two final drawings, and I won't retouch them forever. That's why it is important to be precise in your demand, for me to understand your approach and intention.


Take your time to visualize your ideas of the design... It´s not easy for a tattoo artist to think himself into someones head, so you must have a good visual idea of what you want.

Take your time to look at the new possibilities offered in tattooing, the different styles (internet, magazines...) will find your preference...

You have the choice between symbolic tattoos, purely esthetic ones (lace, jewels, flowers...), realistic ones (animals, objects) or tattoos which represent an important moment of your black and grey, watercolor, full color...


Regarding symbols and texts of foreign origin, YOU should check their significance and spelling, and confirm it from several sources, to be sure of their meaning.

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