I always use disposable gloves, for my security and yours. My whole equipment (gloves, inkcaps, grips, needles, etc.) is of single-use, under sterile blister and disposed of after each tattoo, respectively session. Needles are disposed of in a special bin. I use a disinfectant, bactericide and fungicide detergent to clean all the surfaces after each session.



Fading of a tattoo: You need to understand that the beautiful tattoos you normally see on the Internet are fresh and just finished... Well, let´s see them in 5 or 10 years... The lines widen, it´s the normal and natural process... That is why I limit the thinness of the lines and lettering, because otherwise in a few years, nobody will be able to read your tattoo...

To slow down this process, you will need to moisturize your tattoo ALL LIFE LONG and to put sunscreen every time you expose yourself to the sun.



Importance of the after tattoo care: This care represents 50% of the sucess of a tattoo. If you don´t care, you could spoil the work of your artist within a few days.

You will need to treat your tattoo as if it was a kind of "wound", to avoid infections.



Wash your tattoo with a ph-adjusted soap while healing.

Apply an ointment (Bepanthen or similar), or more natural, coconut oil or a wild rose cream until the scabs fall by themselves.

Do not cover your tattoo with a plastic film.

Try not to sleep on your fresh tattoo.

Do not scratch your tattoo!!

In fact, touch it as little as possible; its beauty depends mostly on you and the way you treat it.

Do not to go to the swimming pool or sauna for at least a week after your session.

To keep your tattoo bright and colorful, keep your skin soft and hydrated, and apply sunscreen throughout the summer.

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