medical micropigmentation


Areola – A range of pink-brown color is applied to the areola (the area around the breast nipple) to create a change in its size, shape or color. Cancer patients undergoing breast reconstruction can benefit from the application of permanent makeup. Areolar restoration and scar camouflage can be achieved in one procedure.


Beauty Marks – Color can be applied to the skin to create a sexy mole to enhance beauty.


Scar Camouflage – Micro pigment is successful in pigmenting scars and burns. Until recently, patients with scars or burns have had to rely on the daily application of makeup to disguise imperfections. MP can help restore natural skin tones. Since slight fading sometimes occurs, touch-ups can easily be done at a later time at a reasonable cost.


Vitiligo – Matching flesh tones are applied to areas of skin that are void of pigment.

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