permanent make up


Eyebrows – Enjoy fuller brows without using a pencil or other makeup. Permanent makeup does not wash or wipe off when swimming, playing tennis, or engaging in other activities.


Eyeliner – Permanent makeup can be applied to create a subtle, natural look or a bold definite line in any color. A solid line or a soft smudged look at the base of the lash line can make lashes look fuller. A subtle dotting procedure at the base of the lash can also create a natural look for men.



Lip Liner – Application of lip liner can correct asymmetry and add definition and fullness to the lips. It can even create the appearance of a change in the size and shape of the lips. Available in almost any color, lip liner can be applied lightly in skin tone to give women or men a natural look.

Full Lip Color – Full lip color can be applied to result in a soft lipstick-like color or to appear as natural as a newborn baby’s lips.


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