Every tattoo is unique; small or large, single- or multi-colored, with or without shades, very detailed or just simple... That's why it is impossible to name exact prices here...

In order to give you an estimate, you should drop by in the Atelier, if possible with your pictures and ideas...

Because of high equipment and hygiene costs, I do not do tattoos for less than 50 Euros.

I charge 50 Euros for each project for the preparatory drawings (as a deposit for the final tattoo) for small tattoos under 250 euros.The deposit is not refundable.

For tattoos more expensive than 250 , I ask for 25% of the price when we take the appointment.That is not negotiable.

Sorry, I accept only cash.


A tattoo is not a necessity, a tattoo is luxury and must be planned financially and in your timetable.I take my work seriously, your work is to respect it.

You must be on time the day planned for your tattoo, be fit, and not cancel your tattoo at the last moment.You must take care of your tattoo.



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